Raysut Cement Brand Uplift

Raysut Cement

Salalah, Oman

Established in 1981, Raysut Cement Company (RCC) started its commercial production mid 1984, and the factory  officially inaugurated on Oman’s 15th National Day. Today RCC is a regional leader and the largest producer of cement in Oman. RCC has been a major partner to the success of the city of Salalah and the development of the country. The company has brought life and growth to the local and surrounding communities.

In collaboration with many local and international partners, Raysut Cement Company provides the expertise, focus, and resources required to efficiently deliver solutions to aid the growth of construction across the Middle East. With a robust maritime fleet, Raysut Cement Company has expanded its reach to boost the development of businesses and communities from Southern Oman, to Yemen, East Africa and the Indian Ocean.

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Our Solution

Brand Strategy

Jpd strategic team worked closely with the RCC marketing team, outlining the systematic process for the rebranding exercise. After analysing all RCC materials to date, Jpd team highlighted that new brand of RCC missed a comprehensive brand positioning that would fit within new corporate direction, capitalize on company’s established expertise and engage internally with diverse professionals in the group.


RCC’s branding across its vast range of businesses was inconsistent and required a more modern and coherent feel. Jpd created a singular identity look & feel and refinement to RCC’s existing and industry recognized brandmark.

JPd incorporated the heritage within its brand logo and the colour green reflects the brand environmental sensitivity. The logo symbol is the company’s most valuable and long serving assets. Our work with RCC encompassed a total brand transformation at every touch point: logo, online brand centre, internal brand engagement, stationery, tone of voice, streamline communication and Brand architecture.

The Results

Jpd helped to develop a coherent brand positioning and Tone of Voice document that would help engage a highly diverse team of more than 1000 employees around the world, coming from a different cultural and educational backgrounds, along with clients and partners. Discovery of the brand’s identity supported the direction and development of its key messaging, resulting in improving company’s sales pitch it tonality and structure.

Project scope also consisted of development of overseeing the digital transformation of the RCC brand, based on the brand look & feel proposed by JPd, to help introduce the new brand and engage with clients.

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What we did

Brand Strategy

Positioning Strategy
Brand Storytelling
Brand Values
Brand Personality

Naming & Verbal Identity

Tone of Voice

Brand Identity & Development

Visual Identity
Visual Asset creation
Brand Guidelines

Digital Ecosystem

UI/UX Visual Design
Information Architecture
Digital Creativity
Consultancy on Digital Brand Implementation

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