Feli’s Kitchen is a locally grown frozen food puff pastry brand. Feli’s Kitchen was aiming to appeal to young professionals, mothers and kids and remain competitive among various markets, both regionally and internationally. Jpd team was given the mandate to create convenient packaging solution, that would appeal the audience. Jpd’s creative and production team had to look for various materials and packaging production techniques, to offer cost-effective, user-friendly yet quality-packaging options that were planned to be produced overseas.

Our Solution

Jpd team performed an in-depth analysis of consumer purchase behaviour traits to understand the key needs and complaints among target audience. Research consisted of mystery shopping, survey analysis, desktop research, along with client interviews, which provided an extensive knowledge within the FMCG sector. Combining all the industry challenges identified, Jpd’s strategy team proposed brand positioning as “Your Home Chef”, which centered around cherishing family moments, while not compromising on flavour and quality of family meals and snacks.

The Results

Relying on the brand promise, Jpd team saw an opportunity to create a brand character, Feli, your home chef and a best friend in the kitchen. Having a brand mascot opened various opportunities to engage with mothers, as well as kids. Tuning the visual language down, the design team ensured to keep Feli as the key brand recall character, which guaranteed brand consistency even among the most diverse product range.

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