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Euro Mechanical

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Established since 1976, Euro Mechanical played an integral role in the growth of Abu Dhabi’s energy sector by providing maintenance, construction, control & automation solutions to Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Aerospace Industries. While remaining one of the strongest players in the region for several decades, senior team of the company sensed lack of direction, where the upcoming strong competition was slowly leading to dwindling profits and unengaged workforce.

Company with four decades of leadership experience and more than 1000 employees felt they lacked brand awareness and understanding of their true identity and purpose.Under the leadership of new CEO, Euro Mechanical team got in touch with Jpd, seeking for a full strategic rebranding exercise. The need to re-establish company’s identity, as well as modernize and align the entire brand, was at the centre of the client’s brief, principal to building the team’s spirit and doubling profits by 2020.

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Our Solution
Brand Strategy

A step-by-step strategic approach to the rebranding ofEuro Mechanical was carefully planned and executed, while working closely with the client. Below exercises, helped to identify spirit of the company, its future ambitions, and key areas for improvement.


The key inspiration behind Jpd creative team was to bring new life to the established visual identity of the company.Keeping the key brand’s colours, with the Pantone of Blue and Yellow untouched, Jpd team created a modern and simple logotype, resulting in the true rebirth of the old logotype.Combining the western approach of the brand with a regional touch to its font styling, created visual identity that reflected it’s key attributes:reliability and proficiency, collaboration and integrity.Complimenting the brandmark by original elements and shapes of former brand identity, while adding the futuristic touch inspired by the vision of the nation of 2030, new brand system kept the familiarity of the brand, while communicating the drive for continuously transformation and evolution.

The Results

Upon 1st stage of brand roll out, introduction of uplifted Euro Mechanical brand had an immediate positive response from its key client database, promoting new business opportunities, new partnership and collaborations.

Discovery of the brand’s identity supported the direction and development of its key messaging, resulting in improving company’s sales pitch it tonality and structure. The new vision for the company has inspired and strengthened relationships with Euro Mechanicals key client, ADNOC.With a clear vision for the future, in 2019, Euro Mechanical became pioneers within the industry in Abu Dhabi, bringing Artificial Intelligence to their sector.With an AI being a strategic point for the UAE agenda for development, a message around it has strengthened the brand presence.With a stage 2 of brand roll out for digital presence being scheduled for a 2nd quarter of 2019, Euro Mechanical has experienced a true rebirth of the brand.

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What we did

Brand Strategy

Positioning Strategy
Brand Storytelling
Brand Values
Brand Personality

Naming & Verbal Identity

Baseline and Taglines
Tone of Voice

Brand Identity & Development

Visual Identity
Visual Asset creation
Art direction
Brand Guidelines

Digital Ecosystem

UI/UX Visual Design
Information Architecture
Social Media Strategy
Digital Creativity
Consultancy on Digital Brand Implementation

Jpd is brand design and creative branding Agency in London, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Specialising in brand strategy and rebranding.