Dragon Oil, Dubai’s only upstream Oil and Gas exploration, development and production company was seeking for a strategic rebranding exercise, to build awareness. Jpd was approached to uplift the brand while keeping brand’s established visual identity intact. Due to lack of brand guidelines there were misconceptions linked with the brand recall, which had to be addressed to optimize future opportunities and company’s growth.

Our Solution

After undertaking a strategic exercise and working closely with the client, Jpd outlined the step-by-step process for rebranding. Post analysing all company materials to date, the team highlighted that the new brand of Dragon Oil missed a comprehensive brand positioning. The team then proposed a unified direction for the brand, “Accelerating Growth”, reflecting company’s integrated service offering and its drive for quality while always going towards continuous innovation. As well strategically aligning Dragon Oil with the ENOC group, the parent company.

The Results

Jpd team performed a Brand Logo Refinement exercise, coupled with hand-crafted modern font in English, Arabic and Russian, translating the innovation, while remaining easily readable and usable. The visual styling of the graphic element reflected the energy and the endless growth of the company.

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