Oil & Gas

Upstream Energy Business Rebrand

Dragon Oil

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Taking its roots in late 20th century, Dragon Oil is Dubai’s only upstream Oil and Gas exploration, development and production company. Headquartered in Dubai, UAE,Dragon Oil operates across Turkmenistan, Iraq, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, and Afghanistan.Dragon Oil is wholly owned subsidiary of Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC).Since the creation of its name and brandmark, 1993, team has deeply cherished its symbol and visual identity, however the need to bring consistency to the brand, to uplift and modernize, was growing more evident.

Dragon Oil felt lack of brand awareness and was seeking for a strategic rebranding exercise. With the key objective to keep the recall of its visual identity, DragonOil was looking to uplift the brand, as well as develop a clear Brand Positioning and Tone of Voice document that would help engage a highly diverse team of two thousand employees around the world, coming from a different cultural and educational backgrounds, and languages.

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Our solution

Brand Strategy

Jpd strategic team was working closely with the client, outlining the step-by-step process for the rebranding exercise. After analysing all company materials to date, Jpd team highlighted that new brand of Dragon Oil missed a comprehensive brand positioning that would fit within new corporate direction, capitalize on company’s established expertise and engage internally with diverse professionals in the group.


Based on the results of the audit phase, as well as approved Brand Positioning, Jpd team performed a Brand Logo Refinement exercise, coupled with the hand-crafted modern font, both English,Arabic and Russian, translating the innovation, while remaining easily readable and usable.

The Look & feel graphic system, aligned with the positioning of the brand, encapsulated the cascaded super graphic, emerging into the infinite horizons of innovation and future opportunities of the industry. The visual styling of the graphic element reflected the energy and the endless growth, growth of the company, and growth of the Emirate, Dubai.

The results

Upon successful completion of the rebranding program, an uplifted brand identity was rolled out across all Dragon Oil global offices.Under the guardianship of a new brand, Dragon Oil was confident to expand its horizons and set new strategic goals for the brand, targeting to increase its production by three times by 2025. Company has announced to invest $13 billion(Dh47.7 billion) in the development of existing projects in the next decade and spend up to $500 million for acquisitions in 2019.With a vision for further exploration and innovation, company has announced its expansion plans to Africa markets less than one year upon brand launch.

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What we did

Brand Strategy

Positioning Strategy
Brand Storytelling
Brand Values
Brand Personality

Naming & Verbal Identity

Baseline and Taglines
Tone of Voice

Brand Identity & Development

Visual Identity
Visual Asset creation
Art direction
Brand Guidelines

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