New oriental range

Ajmal Perfume

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Founded by the late Haji Ajmal Ali in the early 1950’s, Ajmal Perfumes has a vast portfolio of over 300 fragrances.The Company has established a strong retail presence with over 150 exclusive outlets across the GCC, the Far East and hundreds of dealerships across the globe. With a constant need to innovate and adapt to the market needs, Ajmal team got in touch with JPd to refresh their Talc Powder line.

Noticing a high demand from the local audience, where talc powder remains apart of the heritage and tradition, client developed a new brand strategy aiming to expand and introduce product to the KSA market, as well as increase the unit cost to move to a more premium niche. As a part of the client brief, product packaging line required a new refreshed look that would reflect the local motives and the Arabian feel, while remaining within the required production costs, retail storage requirements and in-house manufacturing capabilities.

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Our solution

JPd team performed an in-depth analysis of product consumer purchase behaviour traits to understand the key assets of the brand and the talc powder line. Additionally, through a series of internal meetings with the Ajmal team, JPd had to ensure its fully familiar with the internal production capabilities of the machines and material used, to guarantee creative team can provide the optimal design options, easily achievable to implement without increasing internal production costs.

The results

The new refreshed packaging design and files submitted by the JPd team were successfully tested at the 1st round of internal production at the Ajmal factory in UAE, as well as proved to be easy to implement with a seamless integration with China suppliers for the bottle tops, while remaining within the internal production budget of the client.

New design of the talc powder product line was introduced to its audience inDubai across all Ajmal stores, as well as independent retail outlets, end of2016. It was welcomed by the market, where increase in price remained to be unnoticed, yet sales volume carried a promising increase for the Q4 2016. With its successful and smooth introduction, the new packaging designs are now available for sale across all GCC Ajmal stores, as well as KSA market, which remains to be one of the most promising market share opportunities for the Ajmal brand.

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What we did



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