Brand Identity Design & Rebranding

One of the key elements for brand success is its strong Brand Identity, which would ensure brand recall and underline its key competitive advantages in a saturated modern market. Jpd team has developed and was awarded for various successful brands, be it a brand development from scratch or slight brand uplift.
Brand symbol, primary and secondary colours, font sets, graphic elements and many more, is one of the many elements that create consistent brand look and feel, essential for strong brand presence and building a loyal audience.
Brand guideline is the essential document that ensures consistent brand roll out and implementation. Which is why Jpd team pays a very special attention to its development, ensuring the highest standards and the right amount of detail for a smooth and error free usage, locally or internationally.
Our team of brand experts can help with branding services such as:

  • Brand Signature - Brand Logo
  • Brand Symbol / Handcrafted Typography
  • Primary and Secondary Brand Colours for print and digital realms
  • Brand Typography: Font Sets for both digital and print roll out
  • Brand Graphics Development
  • Brand Mascot Development
  • Packaging Design
  • Marketing and Promotional Materials Styling
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Guidelines Workshop

If you are interested to learn more or looking for guidance for your brand direction, please feel free to get in touch with our team to arrange a brand consultation, at

Brand Identity Design & Rebranding

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