Transform Awards MENA 2019 Winners.

Transform Awards MENA evaluates exemplary work in brand development and acknowledges the growing significance of a brand in strategic corporate communications.Jpd scooped a total of three award – one Gold, one Silver and one bronze, for the tremendous client work delivered.

As a global agency, Jpd is known to create holistic brand experiences and employs international methods in Brand Strategy and Brand Identity Development. With offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and London, the agency continues to grow and create brands that are futuristically driven. Being awarded at a platform of such a great calibre showcases great skylines of success.

This year at the Transform Awards MENA 2019, Jpd scooped:
• Gold – Best visual identity from the engineering and manufacturing sector – Euro Mechanical
• Silver – Best visual identity from the mining and extractives sector – Dragon Oil
• Bronze – Best brand evolution – Euro Mechanical

“Our win at Transform Awards was absolutely incredible and glad that a platform as such recognises the finest industry work. Once again, we have proven ourselves as a creative force to be reckoned with great client work. Our aim will remain to be committed to creativity and strategic thinking. A big thank you to our clients that empower and enable us to create great ideas.’’ James Pass, Managing Director

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