The pandemic has caused significant market disruption with many companies undergoing some form of restructuring. We see many of our clients experience some form of internal disconnect which is making the marketing effort more challenging. Be it, different owners, for different channels, agencies with overlapping and competing skills, or in-house creative departments struggling to integrate and be seen as more than a resource, this is why and where Jpd offers various branding solutions to discover and address the key corporate challenges.

More than half of our clients stated that their biggest challenge was within their own organisation, an internal inward-looking one. This refers to restructuring, lack of internal cohesion and difficulty in the approval process.

One of the great ways to address such internal issues is an Employer Branding strategy that can also help attract great candidates, leading to great employees and natural employee engagement. Employer Branding is all about identifying your organization's image as an employer, highlighting and communicating to in-house employees and potential candidates outside, and streamlining the communication further.

Key Benefits of Employer Branding:

> Improve Online Visibility

> Improved Employee Engagement and Performance

> Better Talent Pool

> Lower Employee Turnover

> Lower per-hire cost

Investing in a brand consultant is an investment in your business’s future. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and see how we can help you build a brand that stands out from the competition, please reach out to

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