Six ways MENA brands can benefit from the viral game taking over the world.

By now, you have probably already heard of Pokémon Go, the mobile game that has its players move throughout the real world to hunt for and capture digital Pokémon. With the game yet to officially debut in the region, you might consider it irrelevant to your business at first, yet companies that will be first to find a way to capitalize on the game’s concept here have a great opportunity to attract and engage with current and new customers across the globe, investing just a fraction of their marketing budget. If you haven’t looked at how your business can benefit from the massive cultural phenomenon, it’s really about time!

Pokémon Go is one of the most important new advancements in gaming in over a decade. In less than a week after the launch, the game has experienced the same levels of daily interaction as Twitter, Snapchat and even Facebook with people spending around 4-6 hours a day playing the game. Many companies now use the new game as a very cost effective viral marketing tool worldwide. So the question is, how can a seemingly niché mobile game benefit businesses in this particular region?

1. Catch them all- as potential customers

We must admit that everything starts with exploration and research. In order to benefit from the game, first, it will be essential to understand its concept. If you have an opportunity to download and try the game yourself, or simply read and research about it online, that should be a part of your business agenda or weekend plans. As the game uses location-based algorithms to place the Pokémon around town, understanding the key landmarks such as Pokémon Gyms and PokéStops and its whereabouts to your business would be your first step. While brands can’t choose the sites for these (at least not right now), some lucky enough have found themselves on the map in the center of the players’ activities- which presents an opportunity that can help them convert virtual players into real customers.

2. Tailor your marketing offering

Brands around town can now engage with game users by tailoring their marketing strategy around the new augmented reality game. From capitalizing on offering free Wi-Fi to granting a giveaway for catching Pokémon, there are numerous ways brands can now attract and engage with their customers online and offline. Shopping malls, restaurants, and small stores can use the game as part of their overall marketing strategy, by offering discounts for customers with certain Pokémon tribes, organizing meet up sessions, developing special offerings for guests. Businesses will need to think out of the box to find a way to complement their offering. For example, Dubai Metro could easily capitalize by bringing awareness of their free Wi-Fi at their stations, as well as multiple terminals across the city that allows users to find and catch new types of Pokémon without having to walk in the summer heat. If you are in an automotive industry, feel free to offer your customers “Pokémon tours” that will help catch the creatures faster.

3. Drive customer engagement online

There are many ways brands can take advantage of Pokémon Go to increase brand visibility on social media and connect with their target audience online. With a few easy steps, you can encourage Pokémon players to win prizes, get discounts or meet new friends in your store. Just keep it fun and simple, and people will come to you. Take a photo, tag, post and share– some of the simplest tactics for your customers to follow. Marketers can also advertise their campaigns on social media channels (i.e. Facebook, Instagram or even Twitter), organize educational webinars or online chats.

4. Be helpful

Augmented reality games can quickly “kill” smartphone batteries. Shops or telecom operators can be of help to Pokémon Go players by turning their numerous venues into “charging stations.” This will not only support the gamers and build brand loyalty, but will also increase the foot traffic to your store.

5. Launch smart activation campaigns

If you are in the event industry or planning to launch a new product/service by yourself, you can plan it bearing in mind Pokémon players’ hot spots like Pokémon Gyms and PokeStops. You can even design creative merchandise and marketing collaterals for your guests to stay engaged.

6. Host meetups and unite fans

Meetups are a great way to attract people into stores, and thus enhance brand visibility. For example, if you were lucky to be gifted with a Gym at your location, you can host virtual battles with real awards for the winning team. For businesses that were not so fortunate to be located near game’s key hubs, there are still numerous opportunities- you just need to be more creative. Use “lure modules” and attract lovely creatures to your location. Or why not set up a food station to energize hungry Pokémon hunters with filling snacks– such options are easy and inexpensive ways of increasing foot traffic.

Being on top of viral trends is becoming essential for businesses to stand out and survive in the saturated market. Small and medium companies now have a great opportunity to build and grow their business without spending much on advertising and big marketing campaigns. Keeping customers close to your heart, following their interests, and understanding their needs allows brands to engage with target audience on a deeper level, helping your brand remain relevant and fresh.

So, how is your brand going to benefit from Pokémon Go?

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