Getting ready for a media interview?

While this might be exciting, it’s always good to be prepared! Below are few tips to make a great impression with the media:

  1. Remember, nothing is OFF THE RECORD. Stick to the facts and information which you can share with the public. Don’t mention clients’ names if it is not allowed as per your contract. Try to avoid mentioning the projects which are not finished yet unless you are certain re facts you share
  2. Be yourself. Be friendly and open. Use informal, everyday language. Talk as though you were talking to just one person and don’t use any jargon. Keep to the point
  3. Prepare notes in advance. Media LOVE numbers and statistics (event if it is just %). If you have any interesting facts/ figures (especially related to the relevant region), please feel free to share them with the editor. But keep them easily understandable. If you took this numbers from the report prepared by another company, it’s better to mention the source.
  4. Be prepared with an answer about your company and what you do. Often the question will be some version of, “Tell us about you and what you do, what are your key projects/ clients…”
  5. Stick to your main points. Write key messages that you would like to make during your interview. When you are asked a question try to answer in a way that brings the conversation back to your key points.
  6. Prepare some interesting stories and examples. It will help an editor to understand your business better, and make the conversation more interesting. Remember, mention only the projects which you discussed with the clients and they don’t mind to be mentioned
  7. Sell without selling. Don’t advertise, but if it’s logical to mention your website or contact number within the subject you discuss, do it.
  8. If you don’t know the answer to a question then steer you answer back to your key point by saying “I’m not sure about that but what I am certain about is etc”
  9. Be passionate about your topic. If you’re not excited about it, no one else will be!
  10. Be prepared for the obvious questions and be flexible enough to handle questions you are not expecting to be asked.
  11. During your interview, don’t talk too fast, swallow your words, speak in a monotone, or ramble. Also, avoid providing long and complicated answers to questions.
  12. Be relaxed.
  13. Do not lose your temper or get angry. Staying cool, calm, and collected is the best way to win the argument.
  14. Journalists are friendly. When you feel comfortable, you set a positive tone. When an editor and interviewee can chat informally, that chemistry makes the interview better. But still remember, NOTHING IS OFF THE RECORD ☺
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