We build brands people love to talk about

We build brands people love to talk about

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We help redefine luxury brands

We help redefine luxury brands

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We create brand fairy tales

We create brand fairy tales

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We help reposition global brands

We help reposition global brands

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We are an award-winning boutique Branding, Digital and Public Relations Agency based in Dubai – UAE. Offering business owners strategic design, marketing and social media solutions that are relative in today’s glocal and competitive marketplace.

We empower brands to standout and stand for something.

Brand Building for Startups

Success all begins with good branding and a strong brand plays an essential role in helping start-ups differentiate themselves.

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Branding for Corporates

Our experienced and creative team will help take your brand to the next level.

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Public Relations for Business Owners

Give your brand a competitive advantage with Public Relations PR strategy and management from our passionate expert team.

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We Farm Purple Cows

We believe in the ideas beautifully illustrated by Seth Godin and the value of being a Purple Cow.

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  • By now, you have probably already heard of Pokémon Go, the mobile game that has its players move throughout the real world to hunt for and capture digital Pokémon. With the game yet to officially debut in the region, you might consider it irrelevant to your business at first, yet companies that will be first to find a way to capitalize on the game’s concept here have a great opportunity to attract and engage with current and new customers across the globe, investing just a fraction of their marketing budget.

  • SMEs account for 95% of all organisations in Dubai and when it comes to their business plans, public relations (PR) represent an important tool in the marketing mix, actively and continuously differentiating brands from the competition and speaking directly to audiences. Here are just a few reasons why PR is a must-have for every SME communication strategy.

  • Let’s be realistic. Nobody said starting and running a business would be easy and whether you’re a new start-up or an established SME, this rings true especially when it comes to branding, marketing and PR strategies. Here are some commonly faced obstacles – and how to overcome them - on the road to business success.

  • The theory of cognitive branding adds life to your brand, giving it a more human element and a persona that is real, responsible, sensitive and sensible. While several key factors come together to define consumer perception, it boils down to the manner in which your brand promise and image are interpreted by your audience and the performance levels thus created for your product or service.

  • From humble beginnings way back in 1997 with a site called Six Degrees, social media as we know it, has come a long way.

  • The Power of Video

    May 29, 2016

    It all started with YouTube. The sharing of video content changed the framework of online communication, taking the Internet to a whole new level and making it the second largest search engine on the Web after Google and according to Cisco, video will account for 69% of all consumer Internet traffic by 2017.

Dubai Branding Agency

JPd is an award winning Dubai Branding, Digital and Public Relations Agency specialising in the Branding, Digital and Public Relations solutions for business owners in Dubai and around the World. The team at JPd has become the number one choice for Entrepreneurs needing to build a long lasting brand and achieve market success within the UAE.

The boutique Dubai Branding and Communications Agency offers a range of solutions from Brand Strategy to Brand Identity and Social Media to Public Relations services.

The Dubai Branding Agency - JPd helps with rebranding established brands who look to create a new brand persona that connects their brand with the World.