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Branding trends businesses should consider in 2017

Last year was a dynamic, unforgettable and a remarkable break from past norms: From Brexit, US elections, distrust of Mainstream Media, Pokemon mania and the rise of augmented reality sparking a lot of debate on Social Platforms. We can all foresee 2017 standing strong on the side of real authenticity, unfiltered imperfection, individuality and humanity, as well as the growth of non-manufactured resources, so how will this affect trends in branding in the New Year

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How to survive digital Darwinism

Everything begins with embracing a culture of innovation and a culture that recognises the impact of technology and customer preference. Digital transformation continues to be the buzzword! As technology keeps enhancing often, it seems to be threatening most organizations in almost every industry.

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A-list Business Acumen

From fashion labels and skincare products to electronics and hotels, more and more A-listers around the world are successfully establishing a presence in business forums and seem just as comfortable in the boardroom as they are in front of the camera.