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The Ripple Effect


Chicago, United States

Surge is a small charity organization with a 100% pledge, where unlike many other charities, all of public donations go to fund safe water, sanitation, and associated education projects. Once team received a reference from Surge, it felt like the right fit for the great partnership from the start.

Lacking that one comprehensive brand story was affecting Surge internal and external communication, from engaging diverse team of volunteers from all over the world, to preparing and organizing fund-raising events to help bring awareness for the brand.

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Our Solution

After undergoing detailed research and brainstorm session with the team, Jpd developed a Brand Driver “RippleEffect”, implying that even the tiny drop of generosity have a long lasting effect.Inspired by a simple concept of “RippleEffect”, JPd team developed Surge’s brand positioning statement, key attributes, along with a detailed brand tone of voice and design system, that would guide Surge team and support its communication internally and externally.

Based on the developed Brand Positioning, JPd offered minor amends to established brand logo to adapt it to the multiple platform use in the digital world. Surge was not initially open to changing its brand identity, however, once they saw the results, were happy and inspired to go ahead with suggested changes.

The Results

With only partial implementation of new brand strategy in 2016, according to the client, Surge team achieved the highest results ever recorded, helping them provide safe water access to 215,947 people.

One of the 1st brand implementations was re-naming the annual key fund-raising DDD event from “Design, Dine, Donate”to “Design, Dine and make a Difference”,which helped introducing the new brand to a wider audience. With over 350 guests gathered for inspirational Gala,Surge team recorded higher number of partners comparing to the previous year.New speakers, which volunteered to come all the way from Uganda to deliver their special message to UAE audience, reflected a real impact of brand engagement.Equipped with a TOV guide for the 1st time to help them construct the flow of the event, every speech made an incredible impact, touching on different elements of the company, yet relying on one central platform of brand story.With brand’s complete roll out scheduled for 2017, JPd team received only positive feedback on the impact new brand had onSurge, engaging team internally, helping with streamlining their social media and digital activity, attracting new partners and inspiring new donors to take part in helping the world one drop at a time.

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What we did

Brand Strategy

Positioning Strategy
Brand Storytelling
Brand Values
Brand Personality

Naming & Verbal Identity

Tone of Voice

Brand Identity & Development

Visual Identity
Visual Asset creation
Brand Guidelines

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