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Platinum VA (PVA) is an executive virtual assistance company, established in 2010, that has pioneered the offering of the outsourced professional admin services for the corporate consulting companies in the UAE. With a highly qualified senior admin managers, carefully selected and trained by Platinum VA, company is partnering with companies on a retainer basis, handling highly confidential information such as databases, presentation files, event and flight bookings, and many more.

PVA got in touch with JPd team in need of reinventing their current brand identity, as they have been facing several challenges that have prevented company growth. One of their key objectives was to communicate what Virtual Assistance services are to their target market and to build a strong brand that would help them to expand and grow their business further. Unable to share any case studies due to very strict NDAs, and with a lack of awareness in the market as often misinterpreted for personal assistance only, it was hard to justify the premium cost of services by PVA, attract new clients, as well as it damaged the feel of a brand as a reliable partner to whom you can trust a highly confidential information to.

Platinum VA were looking for an uplifted and clean brand identity, that would connect with their target market, represent the pioneering high-end offering and helped to grow and expand further the services and segments serviced.

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Our Solution

The Strategy

JPd team performed an industry screening and analysis, which included conducting PVA’s client interviews to learn more about the brand and experience it was bringing to the market. Understanding key challenges of target audience and objectives behind why hiring the VA services, JPd has identified the key areas of concern, which were “Confidentiality”, “Prompt response”, “Handling high importance tasks of a senior executives error-free”, and “cost-saving and space efficient solutions”. With PVA offering an opportunity of offloading numerous tasks to professional admin managers, it was providing an advantage to save that time to focus on company growth instead.  

Research has helped JPd to consolidate the offering into a simple brand positioning “Real Time Advantage”, which reflected Trusted, Dedicated, Proficient and Team Centric approach PVA has offered to its clients.

Established brand positioning has helped to further develop brand tone of voice, to ensure consistent brand communication within a fully virtual established company, along with visual language that only helped to strengthen brand promise.

The Creativity

Guided by the brand driver “Real Time Advantage”, JPd creative team has looked to simplifying current brand identity, and developed a responsive logo that would perfectly work within virtual digital realm, as well as print. A simple symbol of a new logo is a hand crafted abstract expression of a clock face, a progressive refinement of the old identity. New logo reflected continuous progress, collaboration and synchronisation of PVA services. Responsive identity system was created to allow flexibility across various platforms.

Considering the primary colour for the brand, JPd creative team had to bear in mind the target market which consisted of consulting firms with offices in DIFC, along with client’s plans to expand further within various segments, the premium price offering and differentiating factor of VA services from PA companies, new brand required a bold and premium identity. This is where the decision came to “PVA Blue” colour, that reflected reliability, fitting in within the corporate world as a reliable and proficient service offering. Platinum Grey colour reflected premium service and superior team knowledge offered by PVA.

With selected typography set, graphic devices and layouts, JPd team has rolled out new brand across key brand communication points for a consistent and premium feel.

Additionally, JPd team has developed a new wed design and fully revamped user experience, which complimented their brand identity and offered a simple navigation, saving time and effort of anyone visiting the site and in need of VA services.

The Results

With a successful brand launch, just within several weeks Platinum VA has received a high interest and a positive response from the market, which prompted an expansion to a new market segment, Legal Firms, which helped them to expand their offering to Legal Virtual Assistance.

Equipped with a new brand identity, PVA continues to attract highly qualifies employees with a various skill sets, to support fast growing and expanding company needs and requested services. Gaining awareness and an interest with its pioneering services, the MD of the company, Warsha Joshi, has been invited to a leading local radio stations and newspapers, which helped organically spread information about key benefits of VA, along with educating the market on importance of admin related tasks and advantages it brings with it to the entire company.

PVA continues to grow to the present day, with a new expansion to provide training services to the companies in the region, covering topics such as Performance Management and Personnel Strategy, helping them to establish as a true leader of VA in the market.

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