In a fast-paced world, change is the only constant, and it’s imperative that a brand evolves with its target audience, not just to keep up, but to retain business. Staying in demand translates to staying relevant, staying focused on the customer, and staying ahead of competition.

The decision to rebrand however is a big one, and if done skillfully, can be a massive win for a company. A well-thought out, strategic brand strategy focuses on the positives and eliminates the negatives, with a more meaningful, integrated end product, that provides seamless solutions to customer needs without straying away from the core corporate identity. Successful rebranding takes your business up a ladder that previously didn’t exist, giving your brand the foundation to evolve and flourish, whilst reinforcing your core business strategy, values and image.

If you are unsure whether your business needs a rebrand and looking for an expert advice, or considering a rebranding project, see some of our work and feel free to get in touch, our team of professionals can provide a free consultation and advise you with the next steps.

Re-branding Our branding process covers:

Identifying Opportunities

Identify brand gaps and opportunities via visual audit and a competitive research, analysis and evaluation.

Uplift of Your Brand Identity

From a minor change to a complete redesign, our creative design team can support with a bespoke logo design and a complete look & feel system for all your brand touch points.

Marketing Collaterals

We provide complete design support for your marketing materials, along with packaging concepts, POS and digital design.

Redefining Your Brand Strategy

We will revisit your current brand strategy to provide a brand uplift and bring it in line with your new brand objectives and brand direction.

Re-branding Client Love

"If you looking for someone: who has what it takes to address your business challenges, has the courage to recommend what he believes is needed to build your brand; and the creative foresight to bring out of the box ideas to the table, then contact JPd. I've worked with many, many consultants over the years, and I would rank JPd as one of the most insightful, creative and strategic teams with whom I've partnered"

Niousha Ehsan
Managing Director, LinkViva

Branding Agency in Dubai | JPd

JPd is an award winning branding agency in Dubai specialising in Brand Strategy & Positioning, Brand Identity and Design Services for business owners and SME's in Dubai and around the World. The team at JPd has become the number one choice for Entrepreneurs needing to build a long lasting brand and achieve market success within the UAE and beyond

The Dubai Branding agency - JPd helps with rebranding established brands who look to create a new brand persona that connects their brand with the World.