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To follow its mission of “Bringing change that matters” and to give back to the community in UAE and the world, JPd announced its pro-bono scheme offering branding and design support for charity organisations. Which is when the team received a call from Surge, a non-profit organization registered in the United Arab Emirates and the USA that aims to bring life-sustaining water and sanitation solutions to communities across 3rd world countries.


The Surge team got in touch with an open brief, where they clearly faced a challenge, yet did not see a strong solution to resolve it. The non-profit organization wanted to speak more clearly about their diverse role in order to communicate their true mission and difference they bring in the saturated charity world.


After hearing out Surge key challenges and goals for the company, JPd team proposed a tailored re-branding program, that would create a strong Brand Story and Tone of Voice, along with slight amends to its brand identity and brand universe, to support its key message.
Today, we are proud to share our work and results achieved during this re-branding program under the category “Best Visual Identity from a Charity”.

Scope of work

  • Brand Research & Analysis
  • Brand Positioning & Strategy
  • Brand Tone of Voice
  • Brand Identity
  • Look & Feel
  • Design System
  • Touch Points & Collaterals
  • Social Media Strategy & Direction
  • Brand Guidelines

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