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With over 35 years of International Business experience and over 20 years involvement in the Oil & Gas sector, the Horizon Oil & Gas Services management, has successfully represented well-known and credible international companies in a variety of fields and has proficiently managed multiple project ventures. With their headquarters in Iraq, and strong presence in Middle Eastern region, Horizon Oil & Gas team was looking for an opportunity to refresh the established brand for an opportunity to expand their network and engage in a more profitable Oil & Gas market.


JPd team was approached to re-define the company’s brand and help maintain their competitive edge within growing competitive market. Since its establishment, the Brand identity remained the same and required a light uplift while maintaining its key visual message. Horizon Oil & Gas teamrequired a new competitive edge to differentiate themselves strongly in the regional and global arena.


The JPd team embarked on an extensive brand exploration phase to learn and understand the company’s history and future growth goals through in person interviews and desk research. Based upon the exploration phase and brand attributes that came out of the process, JPd developed a brand position for the company. With slight adjustments to the existing logo, JPd team established full brand guideline document, as well as company’s digital presence, which ensured consistent brand roll out and launch.

Scope of work

  • Brand Research & Analysis
  • ​Brand Positioning & Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Look & Feel
  • Design System
  • Touch Points & Collaterals
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Website

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