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Launched in 2013 with Ultratravel magazine in the UK, Ultratravel Collection is identified by Selection Committee of Global Hotel Alliance (GHA), the world’s largest alliance of independent hotel brands and has become one of the luxury travel industry’s most influential brands. Ultratravel Collection guests are recognised through DISCOVERY, a GHA’s loyalty programme that encompasses more than 550 properties on six continents.


The Ultratravel Collection team were looking to create a consolidated look & feel for the global set up to outline a clear direction for the premium brand. Being a member of the largest alliance of hotel brands, Ultratravel Collection team required a comprehensive set of brand guidelines that would ensure logo usage consistency across various applications for the partners around the globe and endorsement opportunities.


JPd team performed an in-depth research to find an opportunity to differentiate the brand within a saturated luxury hospitality market. Inspired by the Local Experiences, creative team rolled out full look & feel and marketing materials for the Ultratravel Collection brand. With slight adjustments to the existing logo, JPd team developed brand guideline document, keeping in mind the comprehensive number of requirements a global brand may face.

Scope of Project:

  • Brand Story
  • Brandmark Refinement
  • Look & Feel
  • Design System
  • Brand Touch Points
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Brand Guidelines

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